Monday, October 02, 2006

Been a LONG TIME since I wrote...

Wow. Its already October... Well, things are much better and getting back to normal...

I think my hormones are finally evening out, lol.

School's back in now and I am dealing with the 2 older boys school issues. Michael's issues are the same- lieing, procrastinating, daydreaming, etc... and he is trying to get the puberty/hormonal smart mouth stuff down, but not succeeding very well, lol. Christopher is having trouble focusing on his work and has been dubbed "immature for his age". I've finally got him doing chores and helping around the house- I think the added responsibility will help.

My LUPUS is in remission, so I am not in as much pain now. That helps.

Ed hurt his back at work...again... he has to get an EMG done on both legs this Friday.

OH! Andrew is trying to walk! Here is his break down:
6mths, 0wks, sitting w/o support BUT not well enough that you could walk away, as he would throw himself backward w/o notice.
6mths, 1wk- sitting well w/o support
6mths, 2wks, crawling!
6mths, 3wks, pulling up!
7mths, pulling up and down very sturdily
7mths, 1wk, cruising!!!
8mths, 1 wks- standing for short periods w/ NO SUPPORT until he realizes it, then falls
8mths, 2wks-standing for short periods on purpose- NO SUPPORT, and laughing/cooing proudly until he falls...
he has little red marks all over his head from falling down now... ;)
PT came out and was astonished and said that she wouldnt have to come out very often now b/c hes doing so great- she didnt expect this from him until a yr from now...

Thomas's speech has improved ALOT too. Lots of 1 words, some 2 words, and an occasional sentence with up to 4-5words.

Oh, and I was suffering from some post partum depression after the baby was born...if you cant tell by my 1st few posts... =)

Ed's doing better around here. We are back at the church we got married at and he is more comfortable there and is opening up more.

Michael got baptised! And so did my MIL on the same day.

I have been volunteering for Childrens Services her and there the last couple of weeks.
I am signed up/signing up on several count wide committees as a voting member.
I am PERGING OUR HOUSE this week... I have gotten rid of 3 van loads so far....have alot more to go.

Andrew is teething- getting 2 more teeth on top- just starting to break through. These are the ones to each side of the 2 front teeth on top he already has. (he just got those about a week or so ago)


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