Saturday, April 22, 2006

My First Posting...

My Name: Christine
Age: 25
Married 6+years
Husband Ed, 24yrs
Kids: 4 BOYS

I have LUPUS, a blood disorder, etc. And my 4 boys all have some sort of special needs. Ive been kind of "blogging" on my "about me" page at for awhile, leaving updates on my health etc for those Ive met via Ebay, but it's taking up too muc space, so Im starting this...

If you want, feel free to go ck out my About Me page on not sure how to link it onto here yet, Ill try that on a later date.

BUT, for those previledged enough to have access to this, you will most probably already know quite a bit about us so I will start with today...

SAT: 4/22/06:
He has been diagnosed with a birth defect from the pregnancy complications...YEP that's now 4 kids with special needs... It doesnt seem to be causing any problems with his developement at this time. But he has muscle restriction throughout his body and will be starting OT/PT appts very soon. He is already rolling over and sitting with support, which is really advanced and also "talks" up a storm and can already repeat sounds you make. The goal is to just keep him advancing and not let the muscle stuff get in the way-which will probably affect crawling/walking/etc. Ive also noticed he points his toes straight down and curves his feet in if you stand him up- Im going to bring that to their attention- didnt notice it when he was in sleepers etc all the time when it was cold...(although they did notice that he didnt have the newborn stepping reflex)

THOMAS: Well....when I find out who slipped and informed Thomas that he is *2*, they're going to be in BIG trouble... ;) Every time someone, anyone, puts him down, he goes RUNNING-which could be very dangerous- he ran out in the street 3 times on my husband on Easter. (Of course he is a MALE & was holding the baby in one hand and never thought to put the baby carrier down to get Christopher b/f he hit the shouldve seen it...running with the baby carrier tucked up under one arm, he didnt think to put the handle up, and tryng to chase Thomas and then when he got to him, trying to figure out how to carry both back to the house...sigh...) I wouldve helped if we lived on a busier street of course, but I wanted to see how Ed fared when Im not there to help...

CHRISTOPHER: He started his 2nd year of T-Ball, today was his and Michael's Opening Day. He's beenm behaving alittle better, finally hitting a more mature status now I think. We can now trust him to go out and play while we watch out open doors and windows and know that he will stay where he's told. Also, I can let him wander a little from me at the BB field and trust that he's not going to just RUN like Thomas will.

MICHAEL: Doing very well in baseball. Today he almost had a homerun- it hit the far fence and bounced back in for a double instead. He was bummed b/c although he got 2 runners to home, he got taggedout at home himself by a VERY close call by the umpire. (One of those where you had to wait for the dust to die down to find out exactly what just happened, & just trust that that ump saw it right...)

ED: .........hmmm......I could sware he does things purposefully wrong... like he came home from work after missing all of opening day with the kids, and he wanted to go out with his friends tonight, and decided he would "help" get the kids ready for bed... He grabbed Thomas, filthy from being at BB all day mind you, and changed his pull up, put 1/2 his PJs set on and BACKWARDS at that and put him to bed...dirty. And then left....sigh. What was the point in that????!!!! To make himself FEEL better, like hes helping me out or somthing??!!! Meanwhile I had to get up early, clean the house, do 4 loads of laundry, feed the kids, go take them to BB all day, come home, feed the kids, clean up after the kids, cut the grass in the front & back yard, get the boys ready for bed and in bed, etc. & here it is 10pm and I still have a TON to do....and watch, Ed will be out until like 4am, again, come home, and I will have to fight to get him up just as much as the boys in the morning for church and start all over again. AND did I mention I was at the Hospital getting test down yesterday all night and then had to be up with the baby????

I have to go get some more laundry done. I need to get a load of towels done and I think I need to do a load of diapers again too and Christopher "soiled himself" today on the way home from the field so I still need to go scrub out his underwear and BB pants & wash those too...


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