Saturday, April 22, 2006


Andrew: (BD:01/2006)3mths on 4/20 ~ high mantenience baby~ has restriction in his muscles that doc says is a birth defect from lack of oxygen/blood flood during my pregnancy... We will not know until he is older how this will ultimately affect him.

Thomas: 2yrs (BD:02/2004) ~ Speech Delay~ Music Lover~ loves Baseball~he's been the passive one until recently when someone leaked that he was **2**...and when I find out who that was....URRRRR...;)

Christopher: 5yrs (BD:01/2006) ~Our honeymoon baby~ (& we've gotten pregnant every year on our anniversary since, except this last one b/c I can no longer have children due to my health issues)~ has Sensory Intergration Disfunction~ in his 2nd year at a special needs preschool & doing great~ nature lover~ plays T Ball...well...actually he just plays in the dirt... ;) Boy, thats some expensive dirt... I feel like a Master Card know..."bat...$50...uniform....$75...balls, gloves, tee...$100...Watching your kid play in the dirt....PRICELESS. (I think he wants to play b/c big brother plays ball)

MICHAEL: (BD:07/1995) 10 1/2yrs ~our sports jock~ in Gifted Ed at school (too smart for his good if you ask me ;) ) ~he's been diagnosed & rediagnosed with everything under the sun, the latest is PTSD and Depression, but who knows~ Michael is our SPORTS JOCK~ Its a shame Daddy cant make it to more of his practices/games this year....(he actually coached last year) ~wants to be a MLB Player when he grows up, then retire and use his eanrings as a missionary~ In case you are wondering the age difference, etc...Michael was concieved via rape just after my 14th birthday...~

(We have also lost 3 BOYS in late pregnancy.)


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